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I'm Karen, co-creator of YouTube's successful The Interview Room along with my husband, Chris. As an award-winning investigative journalist with over 25 years experience, I worked the crime beat on the tough streets of Southern California. As a professional writer and editor, my work has appeared in national and international news outlets and publications. Now I'm bringing the best of what I've learned to you. I'm a practical mama who likes to keep it simple, help others, and give advice on life hacks. My hope is to help you find more joy and peace of mind. I'm your go-to friend inspiring you through the ups and downs of this crazy life.

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The Interview Room

We're the husband-and-wife team that started The Interview Room on YouTube to shine a light on unsolved crimes and give victim families a voice. We are here to serve. We are passionate about being an unstoppable force for good. Through our content, we hope to help you find more peace of mind, achieve your best self, and inspire you to reach a little higher.

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What They’re Saying

“What sets this wonderful channel apart is that Chris is an internationally renowned investigator and a behavioral expert, who’s solved hundreds of cases. Chris brings along his wonderful wife, Karen, an award-winning journalist and a former crime reporter. I’ve been watching True Crime channels for several years. With this channel, you will only hear the facts and nothing else. This is the only True Crime channel that I listen to because none compare to The Interview Room. The McDonough family are amazing and respectful people…Thank you…for always delivering quality shows and for being so kind to everyone.”

Joanne C.

“You’re the best thing that has happened to YouTube and all of the true crime communities. That’s what brought me to your channel and why I became your biggest fan.”

Cindy N.

“I’m always going to follow you. I trust you, respect you and stand by you. Your dedication to every victim, survivor and family speaks volumes. As long as you are here, so am I.”


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